Adding a Console Screensaver to FreeBSD 7.0

Last updated: Mar 17, 2008

By default FreeBSD does not come with a screen saver for console. It also does not come configured with a power saving mode. If you don’t use the console for some time I prefer to save energy and have my monitor turn off when it is not in use. Here is how you can install a screen saver for your FreeBSD 7.0 system.

Open /etc/rc.conf with your text editor:

vim /etc/rc.conf

add these lines of code:

saver=“green” blanktime=“300” scrnmap=“NO”

This will tell the console to turn the monitor to standby after 300 seconds (5min).

If you want an actual screensaver instead of monitor standby you can change the saver variable to one of the following:

daemon - “BSD Daemon” Animated screen saver (text) fade - Fade out effect screen saver fire - Flames effect screen saver green - Uses the power saving mode on your monitor logo - “BSD Daemon” animated screen saver (graphics) rain - Rain drops screen saver snake - Draw a FreeBSD “snake” on your screen star - A “twinkling stars” effect warp - A “stars warping” effect dragon - Dragon screensaver (graphics)

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