Hiding a Compressed RAR File in a JPEG

Last updated: Jan 22, 2008

OK, ever want to send a file to someone in a very sneaky way? Or want to files on your sever cleverly disguised as a jpeg? Here is a way for you to bind these files in windows so that it looks like a normal jpeg image. If you open it by means of a double click, it will open in your default image viewer. If however, you open the jpeg with WinRAR the file will act as a compressed archive!

To do this follow these steps:

Place the image in c:. Then place the .rar file that you want to bind with the the image in the same directory.

Open up the command line by clicking, start, run, then type cmd, press enter.

Navigate to the c:\ by typing, `*cd c:*.

Type copy /b nameofimage.jpg + nameofrar.rar chooseanewname.jpg

The command above will produce a file with the name of your choosing. The resulting jpg image will have the rar file binded to it. To windows this image looks like any other image. To WinRAR it it is a compressed archive file.

The following image was made using this process and has a secret rar file attached:

JPEG Rar Binding

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