How to: Send a TXT Message Through Email

Last updated: Jul 17, 2007

Sending txt message through a computer can be incredibly useful. Google sends txt messages through their calendar service to remind users of important dates and appointments. They can send movie times, wheather reports, stock quotes, directions, notifications of new email, etc…

All you have to do to send a txt message in most cases is send a simple email message to the SMS gateway of their phone carrier. This is usually their 10 digit phone number followed by the SMS gateway domain name.

Below is a list of major cellphone companies’ in the Unitied States.

Verizon: AT&T: Sprint: T-Mobile: Nextel: Cingular: Virgin Mobile: Alltel: CellularOne: Omnipoint: Qwest:

If you are unsure which carrier to send the message you can try their

For an exhaustive list of carrier’s SMS gateways visit SMS Gateways

You can also send a txt message to google to find out all sorts of information. Here are some examples.

  • movies 90210 - Find movie listing for your town

  • stock AAPL - Get the current stock quote(delayed 15min)

  • directions pasadena ca to 94043 - Directions when you get lost

  • 1 us pint in liters - Conversion calculator

This is the only codes that I usually use but there are many more. For a more complete list see Google SMS short codes.

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