Weekend Link Roundup: Week 10

Last updated: May 31, 2008

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet - Pretty much all the major SEO topics combined in one sheet.

How to build a maintainable site using Cushy CMS and Twitter - This is a great tutorial that builds a personal bio page from scratch that can be updated with twitter and Cushy CMS.

http://www.easyvmx.com - As you may know Vmware offers their Vmware player for free but you can not create an image. With this site you can specify the type of image, hard drive space, and other attributes and a Vmware image will be auto generated.

Open CourseWare for Linux Geeks: 50+ Resources - Over 50 free online Linux courses. What a great find.

10 things your IT guy wants you to know - As a former “IT Guy” I find this article both funny and relevant.

The $1,632 copy of Windows Vista - An interesting story about a man that was charged multiple times for a single copy of Windows Vista.

Coders Tell Why They are Avoiding Vista - 1 in 12 coders are writing applications with Windows Vista in mind.

Database Normalization and Table structures - A nice introduction do database normalization. This article brings back memories of my database course in college.

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