Weekend Link Roundup: Week 11

Last updated: Jun 7, 2008

Recover Lost Passwords with Free Tools - An interesting set of tools allowing inexperienced users the ability to crack passwords. It’s tools like this that make me a parinoid computer user.

Google command line - Use google like you would a Unix command line.

Montana Fragfest - A Montana gaming community that I belong to. If you like to play games please stop on by. My gaming alias is Bruce LeeRoy, taken from a funny 80s movie, The Last Dragon. We are currently playing mostly Team Fortress 2.

Acer bets big on Linux - Good to see other companies understanding the power behind linux and its free license agreement.

Yubico yubikeyYubico - If you love multi-factor authentication and the paypal security key, you are gonna love this device. Its basically a usb virtual keyboard that prints out a different password based on the time and serial number of the device when you press the button on it.

Where did all the PHP programmers go? - Are you a PHP programmer?

Improved SEO documentation galore! - As you all know I am a big fan of SEO and am always trying to keep track with the ever changing SEO practices. This is a new golden nugget of information offered directly from Google on the topic. If you own a website this article (and the entire blog) is worth a read.

Google’s Position on Paid Text Links - If you are using text-link-ads, or any other paid text link service your page can be reported and subject to lose your abilty to pass on page rank.

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