Weekend Link Roundup: Week 13

Last updated: Jun 28, 2008

Yahoo’s Website Performance Rules - This is a must read if you develop websites. The author is the cheif optimization engineer for Yahoo and author of High Performance Web Sites: Essential Knowledge for Front-End Engineers, published by O’Reilly.

5 Ways to Screencast Your Linux Desktop - If you are looking to make screen casts or video tutorials on Linux make sure you check this article.

Vi Assistant - This is funny :)

Firefox 3 Vulnerabilities Could Affect Over 14 Million Computers - Vulnerabilities are already lurking around. I suspect Firefox will be the target browser for exploit attacks with its upcoming popularity.

Nearly Half of IT Workers Snoop in Confidential Files - This article brings up a good point. I remember when working fo the university we had access to many resources in which we should have been privy to. But who monitors the IT? How do we seperate something that has to be controlled by IT?

Imagemagick - Great opensource image manipulator. It converts and identifes images of all sorts. It is a very handy tool to keep in your toolbox.

Vim - If you have been reading this blog lately or just a open source fan you have probably heard of Vim by now. You may even be using it. If you aren’t sure if it is for you please give it another chance. I was myself on the fence with this. I knew it was a great program but I was worried about the learning curve and took longer to get into it. My only regret is not learning this program earlier. It is an absolutely amazing program. I suggest chaning your default editor to Vim and forcing yourself to use it. You will be less productive for awhile but you will quickly learn it and will be FAR worth the investment.

Developer Tools for Browsers - A very nice list of developer tools to help speed up the process. The article includes tools for Firefox, IE, and Opera.

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