Weekend Link Roundup: Week 16

Last updated: Jul 26, 2008

42 of the Best Free Linux Video Software

3 Ways to Try Out Linux, For a Windows User - Although I think a live CD is easier than most of these its worth checking out if you havn’t been introduced to the world of Linux yet.

Mac vs PC vs Linux (pic) - A nice picture showing the differences between the top operating systems. Although I think they should replace the Ubuntu logo with a Gentoo logo for added comedy.

htaccess editor - A nice handy tool for making various .htaccess configurations.

Hammer drops at last: FCC opposes Comcast P2P throttling - Finally some good news. Throttling and shaping is bad mmmkay…

10 ways to make Linux boot faster - Make your linux boxes boot faster with these tips. I like the one where it says use Gentoo or a smaller distro over Ubuntu.

Five Best Alternative File Managers (For Windows) - For a better file manager check these out. I haven’t tried it but I hear that Total Commander is really good.

Creative Code: 14 Ways to Learn From Creative Programmers - Quite a cool article about programming.

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