Weekend Link Roundup: Week 18

Last updated: Aug 9, 2008

curl usage explained - I love curl!

Using cURL to interact with Google data services - A great resource from Google showing common usages of cURL interacting with their services.

Test your ISP - This is a very interesting project lead by the Electronic Frontier Foundation. In light of the recent comcast debacle they have started a project that helps you determine if your ISP is up to no good. They also have a list of free apps to help out.

Google Apps Tips - If you are like me you use Google apps for pretty much everything. Here are some nice tips for managing your email, docs, and more.

The Largest Wifi Wireless Cracking Ever - Time and time again I tell people to at least turn on WPA on their wireless routers.

Raggle - A sweet console based RSS reader that uses vim like shortcuts and easy to configure.

Get sed savvy - If you are into automating things, using regular expressions, and learning the REAL “power user tools”, this article is for you. It gives a nice introduction to sed an extremely powerful program.

PuTTY: a free telnet/ssh client - Since I used this program constantly I thought I would get a shout out to PuTTY. A wonderful ssh client for windows.

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