Weekend Link Roundup: Week 3

Last updated: Apr 5, 2008

Linux-Unix cheat sheets - The ultimate collection - Largest collection of linux commands and cheat sheets that I have come across.

FreeBSD Information and Tips - This is a few nuggets of gold. Worth checking out.

Open Flash Chart - If you are making a website that needs some charts. Open flash chart makes them like the charts found at finance.google.com and google analytics. These charts look awesome.

Is Ubuntu becoming the generic Linux distro? - This is an article that brings up a good point. Linux has always been spread out amongst a wide array of distributions suiting different needs and preferences. Today Ubuntu is becoming a synonym for Linux. This can’t be a good thing for Linux.


Color Blender Tool - This tool is awsome. It allows you to pick a range of colors and it will fill in different shades of colors inside that range. This is great for comming up with color patterns or gradients.

Asciible - Sometimes when posting code on wordpress can be a pain. This tool will convert all of your code to ascii. This reduces the chance of the code causing weird layout problems.

Security Now - Here is a podcast I have been listening to for a few years. If you are into security or you just want to learn more don’t miss this. This is probably the best podcast on security on the internet.

Grandcentral - Google recently bought this company out. It is a service that allows you to basically have a disposible phone number that you can give out to anyone. Based on the caller you have have specific ring tones, forward to different phones, block callers, and have a free voice mail. As of right now it is free but it is in closed beta. Still waiting on my number :(

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