Weekend Link Roundup: Week 4

Last updated: Apr 13, 2008

Computer viruses hit one million - Apparently Symantec just published a report that says their are now over a million known computer viruses. This is funny since I can’t really even remember that last time I have seen/had one.

So neighbors steal your wi-fi, kill the link or… have fun! - This is a great article that shows how you can exploit people that connect/hack your wireless network. Instead of disconnecting them they turn all their web pages blurry and upside down.

25 Games for Linux - As many know Linux is not really know for gaming since the game developers like to ignore us Linux users. Fortunately here is a good list of fun games that work natively in Linux.

Etymology of a Distro - If you ever wondered where they came up with that goofy name for your favorite Linux distro this is a great article to check out.

Google Code University - Free programming training from Google

10 JavaScript Effects to Boost Your Website’s Fanciness Factor - Some of the effects in this article are incredibly useful and easy to install.

15 helpful WordPress plugins for the savvy user - Here are a few Wordpress plugins that you should check out. I personally use a lot of the plugins mentioned here.

- Securing Windows XP Systems for IT Professionals - This is a great guide put out but the National Institute of Standards and Technology on securing Windows XP systems. I sometimes refer to this guide when securing Windows systems.

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