Weekend Link Roundup: Week 5

Last updated: Apr 19, 2008

BSDTalk - A cool podcast that discusses FreeBSD. They interview many FreeBSD developers and have some interesting discussion.

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Linux Users - An interesting article with 7 great tips for beginners learning Linux. Although the advice the author gives is very basic and common knowledge, he explains his advice very well. I think Linux beginners would get a lot of value out of reading this.

TaoSecurity - This is a cool blog I found that discusses various security topics.

Lighttpd - Although I have yet to try this web server it looks very promising. It is supposed to be a lot lighter weight and faster than apache. I might use this on my test server.

David Walsh Blog - If you are into web development with PHP and starting to implement AJAX this site is great. It is updated daily with lots of neat tips and how tos.

Sandboxie - If you haven’t tried this program yet you should. It is a program that runs in windows that allows you to open programs in a “sandbox” or a virtual environment that does not have access to your hard drive. In other words you could open a virus with this program. After you close the sandbox the virus is like it was never there. This is useful if you want to try demo programs without the risk.

chkrootkit - This is program is pretty much essential if you are looking for root kits.

Network Calculators - If you are setting up a new router or firewall rules and you forget the binary structure of an IP address this site will help you calculate subnet masks and how many nodes are available in the network.

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