50 Reasons Why I Love Linux

Last updated: May 21, 2008

I love Linux so much I made a list of 50 reasons why I love it so.

  1. I can extract something with one command without opening a separate program.

  2. I can print a document without opening it.

  3. I can update all applications with two magical words, apt-get upgrade.

  4. Its free

  5. Its free as in beer.

  6. Its more secure than Windows

  7. I can run on pretty much any hardware.

I love Linux8. It is highly scalable… I can install it on a 486 or a dual core.

  1. Help is readily available and free of charge.

  2. Well documented

  3. No need for some obscure knowledge base

  4. A standard help system that is actually useful (man)

  5. Powerful CLI

  6. Many of the best programs are available for Linux for free. ie. Apache, MySQL, ProFTPd, SSH, OpenVPN. You would have to pay hundreds if not thousands of dollars for Windows programs that accomplish the same thing. On top of that you will have to pay for support

  7. No need to call a tech support center in India to activate your fully legal OS.

  8. Linux can be configured to run without a GUI for max performance. This is especially useful for servers. Other operating systems don’t have this luxury.

  9. It doesn’t ask me if I am sure I want to delete something….twice

  10. Many of the programs are configured with a simple config file. This makes editing much easier than navigating through pages and pages of tabs and radio check boxes. You can even structure your config file with your own comments to make editing easier for you. Change something often? Put it near the top. If you switch something on and off often and it is buried behind 9 gui screens it might take you 10 5 times longer to switch it.

  11. Linux will actually give you a reason why something had an error.

  12. Linux wont tell me that my automatic updates are turned off every single minute of every day.

  13. When I update Linux it won’t turn on a firewall automatically without my permission (Windows XP SP3 does this) and turn on services I had previously set to disabled.

  14. Linux pretty much forces you to be a “non-administrative” user.

  15. You can unmount something really fast with one command. Instead of double clicking on a silly icon navigating through all the USB devices plugged in select the right one only to find out that the device you are trying to unmount cannot be unmounted at this time.

  16. Depending on the distro it is a lot easier to install than Windows.

  17. Linux detects and installs more drivers for my hardware than Windows.

  18. Linux comes with drivers for my onboard Sata where Windows XP does not.

  19. Linux comes out with a new kernel constantly. Windows comes out with one once every couple years.

  20. With Linux we can compile our own kernel so we don’t have to a wear a one size fits all hat.

  21. You can choose which type of desktop environment you want.

  22. You don’t have to worry about spyware, viruses, or worms. Even if they were prevalent they couldn’t be installed unless you did it yourself.

  23. When you “end a task” in Linux it actually works.

  24. You can check your CPU’s temperature without installing any software.

  25. The command line auto complete feature works the way you expect it to.

  26. To list the contents of a directory I only have to use two keys instead of three (ls vs. dir).

  27. Linux’s CLI actually ads value to the OS.

  28. I can build a computer myself and still get a good price on the retail version of Linux (free).

  29. I can control my computer remotely with SSH. Windows comes with remote desktop which was not encrypted last time i checked. It also was slow and supports only a few connected users unless you pay Microsoft more money for a terminal server.

  30. Linux tends not to hide details

  31. I can see the OS uptime without installing some Microsoft power user program.

  32. Linux comes with a program that will eject my CD-Rom. This comes in handy when making automated CD backups and other scripts.

  33. Linux passwords cannot be cracked in seconds like Windows.

  34. I can print an entire directory of pdfs with ‘lpr *.pdf’. In Windows you would have to open each with Foxit Reader or the bloated Adobe Acrobat.

  35. You can have really cool desktop effects that rival even OSX effects.

  36. You can choose a filesystem that better fits your needs. With Windows you have two options old out of date crappy NTFS or even more out dated FAT32.

  37. If you loose your Linux CD or don’t feel like downloading one you can get one mailed for free (ubuntu).

  38. It supports more than 3/4gb of ram without updates and hacks.

  39. You can get all applications you need without opening your browser or getting out your wallet and many times they are better than commercial solutions.

  40. It doesn’t crash… ever… Its so reliable companies have used it as dedicated router firmware.

  41. You don’t have to pay more money for multiple connected users.

  42. When there is a security exploit I can expect a patch the next day not the second Tuesday of every month.

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