Turn Off Gnome Animations and Hide Window Contents While Dragging

Last updated: Sep 24, 2007

Have old hardware, slow computer or a server that requires a Gnome and want to find out how to make Gnome use less memory and other system resources? I have searched the internet for a long time looking for way to make gnome use a wire-frame method of stretching/resizing windows. I have now found this option in gnome as options to turn off other resource hogs to make gnome run a little faster especially on older hardware when you can’t afford to waste those precious CPU cycles. By default Gnome makes it difficult to find the option to turn off these CPU intensive GUI features but once you know where these options are it is easy to fix.

To enable these resource saving features open gconf, from terminal:


from there go to: /apps/metacity/general and check on reduced_resources

also: /apps/panel/global and uncheck enable_animations

also: /desktop/gnome/interface and check off the box for accessibility

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