What I’m doing now

Last updated: 2024-06-03

This is my now page which represents what I’ve been up to in the last year.

We had a new addition to our family Eli! He is such a sweet boy. I can’t wait until he can talk.

I’ve ran RocketShipIt for over 15 years now. This year has been a tough one. All of the shipping carriers have decided in unison to deprecate their APIs and create new ones. This has put a bunch of work on me and RocketShipIt reimplementing pretty much the entire code base over the last 12 months. The one nice thing is that these changes make really old versions of RocketShipIt obsolete. I no longer need to worry about customers using 15 year old code anymore. They all need to get the latest version or stop using RocketShipIt.

I’m building in public again

I got inspired in late 2023 to start building in public again. I started my career blogging in 2007 (on this very blog!). I initially tried to make money blogging and failed. Instead, it led to building a successful business, RocketShipIt. I got busy running the business and stopped blogging entirely. That business led to success in so many other ways and I realized that it all started from builiding in public. Because of this I’m making an effort this year (2024) to post more and build more in public. I’m mostly doing that on X/twitter.

I’m building more products

I’m interested in this investing style called trend following. But it is more than an investing style. It is a way of life or way to think. It is all about embracing failure, failing a lot, and finding a few huge outlier wins through repeated small bets and failures. Looking at the indie hacker community on X/Twitter I saw success in people that were building lots of small products/startups and failing until they stumble upon success. This aligns with my thinking and is how bloging was for me 15 years ago. I would put out 100 posts and only one or two would become an outlier success. You can’t predict what will resonate with an audience. To that end I decided to build a bunch of products in 2024 knowing most wont make it and that’s OK.

I’m currently working on:

  • Central Logging - A Turn Key Self-Hosted Centralized Logging System
  • PII Crawler - Personally Identifiable Information Data Scanner

The lake

We bought a permanent camp spot near a lake to relax and give our kids a great summer outdoor experience. I’ve always said we would never own a boat but I think we now need to get a boat.

Books and content I’ve been consuming