New UPS PHP Project at Google Code

Last updated: Oct 9, 2008

Out of popularity I have decided to take UPS modules written in PHP found in my article, Calculating UPS Shipping Rate with PHP, over to the next level. I am rewriting all the code in object oriented PHP and publishing the code on Google Code under GNU General Public License v3 to ease implementation.

I am also going to be writing official documentation in the Google Code wiki pages.

This doesn’t mean that I am going to stop writing articles about UPS here on this blog. I will still add more detailed articles about the code and provide tutorials for implementation. The project at Google code is just so the project can grow and provide support, bug tracking, svn access, and official documentation.

This project will encompass modules for all other UPS API services including:

  • UPS Tracking Tool
  • UPS Signature Tracking
  • UPS Rates & Service Selection Tool
  • UPS Address Validation Tool
  • UPS File Download for Quantum View
  • UPS Shipping Tool
  • UPS Time in Transit Tool
  • UPS Trade Ability

Wanna Help?

The svn page on this project as already been hit a several times, but I would like to also encourage developers to send bug reports to the issue tracker and even sign up to help on the project.

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