Auto Pastebin with Pastebinit

Last updated: Dec 5, 2008

If you have ever been in an irc channel or IM and needed to show another programmer your code you have probably used Pastebin before or a similar service. You simply go to the website copy and paste and hit submit and you have a link generated so you can hand it out to your fellow programmer.

I’m always someone that is looking for a faster/better way of doing things and copying, pasting, switching screens, and navigating to a website is a huge waste of time. With pastebinit I can skip all of that and just type:

pastebinit myclass.php

And voila!

This is handy for me since I always do my development on a Linux machine with a console based text editor.

For the Debian/Ubuntu lovers you can install by doing:

apt-get install pastebinit

For other Linux distributions, you know the routine.

For you Windows guys get a real operating system or at the very least download PuTTY and SSH into a real operating system when developing.

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