Required Startup Programs

Last updated: Aug 23, 2007

On any given computer there are usually many programs that are set to run upon windows starting. Most of these startup programs are unnecessary but some are required. You already know how to remove startup programs but you just don’t know which ones are required for your computer to run normally.

Typically the only program you need to have running on startup for a Windows machine is an anti-virus program. All other startup programs are unnecessary and should probably be removed. Most of the core operating system programs that are set to run on startup are included in another list categorized as services anyways. So you don’t really have to worry about removing something system critical. Another thing to remember is that if you remove something from system startup you are not actually deleting the program you are simply telling windows that you don’t want that program to startup anymore. This action can then be easily reversed so there is little harm in turning off startup programs.

I will make a list below of the programs that I believe may be useful for system startup or required startup programs. For a list of programs that should be removed see Startup Programs and Removing Them.

  • ccApp (Symantec Anti-virus) look for your specific anti-virus maybe it is NOD32 or AVG

  • SynTPEnh (synaptics) laptop touchpads

  • SynTPLpr (synaptics) laptop touchpads

  • BatteryLife (anything that mentions battery life on a laptop may be useful)

Like I mentioned in Startup Programs and Removing Them, You shouldn’t really worry too much about disabling something you may need. If you find that a program is not in your system tray or a program is not loading anymore you can go back and enable it again.

Feel free to send me program names that you believe are required or may be useful on system startup through my contact form at the top of this page.

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