Weekend Link Roundup: Week 7

Last updated: May 11, 2008

Hackers try to cause seizures on epilepsy site - Wow… just, wow… Computer security may now be life threatening. This is a very scary.

Compiz Fusion Truly Spherical Desktop View Arrives! - Another cool effect is released for Compiz. This one is kinda cool.

The heron has landed: a review of Ubuntu 8.04 - A nice review on the latest version of Ubuntu.

OpenOffice.org 3.0 Beta - The newest version of OpenOffice is available as Beta version. It comes a with a bunch of new features including, support for Max OSX, the newest Open Document Format, and Microsoft Office 2007 support.

Cactihttp://www.cacti.net/ - This is the best network graphing/monitoring program that I have come across. If you ever want to know what kind of traffic is taking up bandwidth on your network check this out. Its free and open source too!

Free CompuSec - A cool free full drive encryption utility that can be turned on pre-boot. It uses the Rijndahl cipher so you can rest assure that nobody will be able to use/modify your data.

How Much File Sharing Traffic Travels the Net? - An interesting article showing you what percentages of the pipe are taken up by file sharing programs.

Homer Simpson drawn in CSS - This is crazy. An entire image of Homer drawn up entirely with CSS. The author must have been really bored as this would have taken some serious time.

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