Weekend Link Roundup: Week 8

Last updated: May 17, 2008

Stupid Ubuntu tricks: 5 Steps for resetting a forgotten password - I prefer to use a live cd and use this method but I had a friend that forget his Ubuntu username password the other day and he didn’t have a live CD. This article came in handy.

The Anti-Virus Test File - I have known about this for awhile but is worthing checking out if you haven’t tried it. It’s basically a file that most/all anti-virus programs should pick up. It’s good for testing and seeing if you can get files past your anti-virus program.

Reverse a MD5 Hash - I guess this is proof that hashes are not secure by themselves. You need to use “salt” in your hashes. Salt is a random set of data that only you and the hash interpreter knows. Of course it depends on what you are using md5 for. Many times it doesn’t matter if someone reverses it.

Security-Enhanced Linux - If you are into Linux and security you will eventually find yourself trying out SELinux.

Top 100 Network Security Tools - A top 100 list of the best security tools available. This is also the home of nmap and my favorite security mailing list, Bugtraq.

Generate Flash movies on the fly with PHP - Although I am not sure if I would use this, it is very cool.

Security Best Practices - Yahoo’s security best practices. This is a huge resource full of great information from website security to security on a FreeBSD machine.

Blueprint CSS Framework - Develop CSS sheets and layouts for sites fast. Already optimized and easy to use. Here is a sample page.

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