What RSS Feeds Does Mark Sanborn Read?

Last updated: Sep 24, 2009

Ever wonder what RSS feeds I subscribe to? Here is a quick list of most of the feeds I subscribe to.

Niche Alerts

These are alerts that I have setup so I can see if I am mentioned on twitter or if a general term is being talked about. Some of these keywords will generate tons of alerts. For the ones with many alerts I will usually scan these weekly to see any trending topics.

I also have some various work related niche alerts that I won’t list here.

Friend’s Blogs


General Tech


  • Montana Fragfest - Jade Robbins runs this gaming site that is primarily for Montana residents but everyone is welcomed. If you play Team Fortress 2 we play every Monday and Thursday night.

Non Tech

  • Montana Mushrooms - The best damn mushroom blog in town. Seriously, if you think mushrooms are those little white things you buy in the store check this site out. The world of mushrooms is so much more.

Web Development


Business and Marketing

Web Apps

I scan through these daily and pick only the best web apps that I can find. I then talk about these on our podcast: Faceoff Show. I highly recommend that you just subscribe to the podcast so you can skip the useless web apps and get detailed reviews of the good ones.


Check personal feeds to make sure they work

These are feeds that I have subscribed to only to make sure they are working. Most of these are sites/projects that I contribute to.

What else?

Did I miss something? Based on my feeds can you recommend a good feed I should subscribe to?

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