My Blog is Now 1 Year Old

Last updated: Jul 8, 2008

Well its been one year now since my blog started and I can say it has been a lot of fun. I have learned a few things after joining the blogosphere and one of the things I learned is that blogs are not easy. Although they are not easy, they can be extremely rewarding.

I want to say a massive thanks to everyone for reading, commenting on, and linking to the blog - it has been great to write about, and get your feedback over this past year.

Here are some stats about my blog over the past year:

I wrote my first article on July 6th 2007.

The 20 Most Popular Articles

  1. Hiding a Compressed RAR File in a JPEG

  2. Calculating UPS Shipping Rate with PHP

  3. Startup Programs and Removing Them

  4. Send Mail Postfix through Gmail’s SMTP on a Ubuntu LTS Server

  5. Turn Off Unnecessary Windows Services

  6. Speed up the Gnome Menu and Fix the Annoying Icon Delay

  7. Bypass Firewall and NAT with Reverse SSH Tunnel

  8. Getting Familiar with the Linux Command Line

  9. What to do After a Fresh Install of Windows XP

  10. Adding Color and Customize the Bash Prompt (PS1)

  11. Installing Microsoft Fonts (msttcorefonts) on Debian Linux

  12. Changing the Default Gnome Menu Icon

  13. 10 Linux Shortcuts You Can’t Live Without

  14. Recommended Software

  15. Removing U3 on Sandisk Flash Drives

  16. Required Startup Programs

  17. Calculating USPS Shipping Rates with PHP

  18. Does Having Many files on your Computer Slow it Down?

  19. Bloatware - Replace Slow Software with Faster Alternatives

  20. 50 Reasons Why I Love Linux

5 Posts that I thought would be more popular

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Properly Backing Up Your DVD’s

  2. “Rick Rolling” Your Hard Drive

  3. Add Port Knocking to SSH for Extra Security

  4. Picking Strong Passwords that you can Remember

  5. Use Rsync for Daily, Weekly and Full Monthly Backups

Top 10 Referring Sites

Thanks for the referrals!

  1. Google

  2. StumbleUpon

  3. Yahoo

  4. Digg

  5. Scalix

  6. Ubuntu Forums

  7. MSN

  8. Wykop

  9. David Walsh

  10. Tux Machines

I plan to keep writing on this blog and create more articles for my readers.

Happy birthday!

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